There are users of Apple’s iOS and users of iOS. Peculiar use of words; maybe, but what you all have to keep in mind is that no user has the same pattern of use for his or hers iOS device: some of us are listening to music, some of us are reading news, others are social networking, others for gaming and others combine them all. This article is addressing the gaming community disregarding that you are playing games as a hobby, or as a way of life.

We all know by now that in order to use your iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch up to its full potential you will have to perform a jailbreak procedure that as a bonus will give you the option to install a third party app platform, and the most commonly used is Cydia. With Cydia, you will be able to install apps, tweaks and games according to your own free will, even though some of them are no longer available in Apple’s App Store due to them being banned or some other issue. But how can you find the games that are cool or simply that are not available anywhere. Cydia uses a repository system that is granting user access to specific apps, games or tweaks. Bear in mind that some of them are free and some of them aren’t. There are lots of repositories: some of them will offer you exactly what they promise and some of them don’t, just like with people. In order to make your life a little bit easier, we have prepared a list of the most trustworthy repositories when it comes to games.

iPhoneCake repo is well  known to provide a wide variety of cool games to choose from. If you will use this repository, you will be able to download games such as FIFA, GTA, perhaps even Street Fighter.

ModMyi Repo is providing as well a source of trustworthy games, apps and tweaks to choose from. Imagine them coming in the thousands…

cydia game

If you are into some old school stuff, xSellize repo will grant you access to a vast amount of emulator and games, all of them available on your iPhone or iPad, and more than this, most of them are free.

cydia game

These repositories are excellent sources of Cydia games, tweaks and apps, and more than this, most of them are free. What more could you wish for? Just time to test them all and enjoy your fully customized iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, courtesy of Cydia.